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Youth Activities

Youth Activities allows youngsters committed to making positive change are provided with opportunities to take part in IAT's projects abroad.


In cooperation with Canadian Universities, IAT offers co-op program students the prospect of gaining practical overseas experience through volunteering with IAT's Philippines programs. Several students have taken advantage of this opportunity during the past years.

IAT_Sisler High School OSEF group.jpg

Sisler High School (Winnepeg, Canada) have supported IAT for years

We welcome students aboard

A group of students at Sisler High School in Winnipeg have taken on a multi-year commitment to support a daycare facility for aboriginal children in Dupag, a new settlement area, in northern Luzon, Philippines.

IAT has had volunteers from Lester Pearson College join our program in the Philippines. In addition, four co-op students from the University of Victoria and a First Nation's high school student raised funds to travel and spend several months in the Philippines as volunteers with IAT's program. They developed projects and assisted with research on alternative healing practices, genealogy studies, historical background, cultural practices as well as peace initiatives and conflict resolution amongst the Kalinga tribes people.

More recently, two co-op students from Simon Fraser University joined IAT's program as volunteers and conducted research and documented some aspects of the Kalinga culture.


Opportunities are available for schools and individual students

Opportunities are available for individual students, interested in a unique adventure, to spend part of their school year with students under IAT’s sponsorship program in the northern Philippines.

Tours for School classes interested in visiting IAT’s projects in the Philippines can be arranged.

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