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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IAT a religious organization?

No, IAT believes that all religions are valid and serve to meet the needs and consciousness of different groups and cultures.

How does IAT transform people?

IAT does not transform anyone. The positive examples set by staff and volunteers provide models by which others may choose to emulate and hence transform themselves.

How did the association get its name?

The name was derived from a change or transformation the founder experienced when he began helping others instead of serving only himself.

Why does IAT focus upon environmental concerns and youth development?

IAT considers that these are two of the most important things facing us today. If humanity does not address the issues of pollution and global warming, our planet will not sustain life as we know it much longer.


We know that the real hope for the future lies with the children. We must raise their awareness concerning the state of the world; equip them with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and the desire to make positive changes. Their dreams and visions for a better future for humankind need our encouragement and support.

Do aid programs really help the beneficiaries?

It depends upon the aid organization. Some agencies actually create dependency by operating with a paternalistic attitude in the belief that financial support will solve all the beneficiary's problems. IAT's focus is on the development of human potential and empowering individuals and communities to find solutions to their own problems.

What is unique about IATs sponsorship program?

Most sponsorship programs assist children through elementary and high school only. IAT provides formal and practical educational opportunities for children from elementary grades through university. Our focus is upon creating future leaders. Workshops and seminars are provided to develop confidence, and self-worth, and to instill values such as responsibility and integrity. During Summer vacations senior students are encouraged to develop projects to improve conditions in their villages. Over the years hundreds of graduates from IAT's program have returned to their villages as effective community leaders.

Does IAT receive government funding?

No. IAT was partially funded by the federal government of Canada for several years, during which time it became apparent that limitations imposed by government funds restricted indigenous autonomy so IAT withdrew from that source of funding.

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