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Our Leaders

IAT is led by an international team of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, committed to serving the communities in the Philippines and Canada and dedicated to fulfilling IAT's mission and objectives.

Meet The Team


David Durrance


David Durrance is one of the founders of IAT and a recurring IAT sponsor. He is a retired secondary school teacher, Montessori-certified, and is also one of the founders of Starchild Centres, a Montessori-based institution in Victoria, Canada. He has been involved in youth education and leadership training, agricultural, reforestation and community development programs for more than 40 years.


Petra Durrance


Petra Durrance is one of the founders of IAT and a recurring IAT sponsor. She is a registered nurse, certified Montessori teacher, and a licensed Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood Educator (I/T-ECE). She has supervised the establishment of numerous Montessori-based daycares in remote villages of the Northern Philippines, and has held trainings and resource talks on empowerment of women, peace, land, and human rights issues both in the Philippines and Canada. Petra co-founded and currently supervises Starchild Centres, nature and Montessori-based Daycares on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.


Dr. Mary Guyang

Vice Chairperson

Mary Guyang is the owner and Head OBGYN at MDG Maternity Clinic. She is an IAT Alumni and recurring sponsor. Mary has been practicing medicine and has served the Kalinga community for almost two decades.


Professor Tules Banwa


Tules Banwa is a Biology Professor, and Director of Research of Kalinga State University (KSU), Tabuk City, Kalinga. He previously served at KSU as College Dean, University Scholarship Chairman, Student Coordinator, and institute Research Chairman. He is an IAT Sponsorship Alumni and Volunteer.


Ayden Durrance


Ayden Durrance is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, and recurring IAT sponsor. Dedicated to providing career and educational opportunities to the people of Kalinga, he founded several Philippine-based small businesses such as New Choice Lending Company, Blacksteel Furniture, and Blacksteel Media.


Shara Jane Gayudan

Alumni Representative

Shara Jane taught at New Age Montessori School (NAMS) for 6 years, is Montessori trained, and was a former ASSISI Development Foundation student. Shara Jane has earned her certification in Early Childhood Education (ECE), has completed her MSEd with a major in Administration and Supervision.


Odessa Ngawoy

IAT-Philippines Operations Manager

Odessa is a qualified and trained Montessori teacher, and Registered Social Worker (RSW). She has assisted Starchild Centres in administrative work and as a sub teacher, and has completed several Early Childhood Educators workshops.

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