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Building Homes

In the Phillippines

Several programs in the Philippines have been ongoing since 1979, and are currently being managed by a group of university-educated graduates of IAT's Sponsorship and Youth Development and Leadership programs.

Programs in the Philippines


Child sponsorship


Community economic development


Women's empowerment training


Community-based health care


Organic farming


Reforestation projects


Primary education and daycares



Youth training and development


Animal Disbursal


Peace Initiatives

In Canada

IAT's Canadian Program bridges the gap between developed and underdeveloped countries by connecting Canadian Students and teachers with those in the Philippines. Youth committed to making positive change are provided with opportunities to take part in IAT's projects abroad.

IAT's Global Education Program

IAT's Global Education Program bridges the gap between developed and underdeveloped countries through public education of global issues, and by connecting Canadian students and teachers with those in the Philippines: 

Incredible opportunities for youngsters

Gain cultural and practical experience

Many young volunteers, over the years, have traveled to the Philippines to take part in IAT's projects. Several co-op students from the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University have volunteered to work with IAT's programs. They conducted and documented their research on various aspects of the Kalinga tribes people. Students with various talents and skills and an adventurous spirit are always welcome. 


Opportunities are available for student groups, as well as individuals, to visit and take part in IAT’s Philippines program as well as gain cultural and practical experience.

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