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Name of the child

Gender / Age / Year of waiting

Short description about him:
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IAT's sponsorship program is long-term and unique

Most sponsorship programs terminate a child's support when he or she completes high school. While this helps a child or its family for the few years while support is provided, it does not address sustainability or the bigger picture. A high school education no longer ensures a better life. We have seen how frustrating and disempowering it is for a bright child, keen to go on to college or university, to be denied that opportunity because he or she is no longer a cute little kid with eyes and face pleading for help. If a young man or woman, in a developing country, is going to be an instrument of positive socio-economic change, it is important that they are educated beyond secondary school level.

When you become a sponsor you will:


Receive a photo and personal history of the child you are assisting


Have the opportunity to correspond with the recipient of your kindness


Receive regular communication from your child


Experience the joy of knowing you're making a difference in the life of needy child

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