Volunteer oversea

IAT is interested in establishing linkages with schools and youth groups and individuals interested in practically oriented overseas experiences in the Philippines.

Philippines' staff, assisted by senior students under IAT's program, will provide opportunities for volunteers to gain life-skills experiences and to participate in cultural, and eco-tours.

Opportunities are also available for adult and youth volunteers to visit and participate in our Philippines projects.

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and Involvement


During the past 40 years, many people, youth as well as elderly, have volunteered with IAT's Philippines projects


Sponsors have visited their sponsored children


At-risk-youth have turned their lives around after spending a few months with our Philippines projects


Several students from The University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University's Co-op programs have participated in IAT's Philippines projects

Get your life-changing experience

Each volunteer has had a remarkable adventure and gained a much greater appreciation for other people and their cultures. Many have made a valuable contribution to IAT's programs through sharing their knowledge and skills with staff, sponsored children, community members, and other volunteers on site. Some have taken on the commitment to sponsor a child or have made a generous donation in support of IAT's program upon returning to their respective countries.

Two years ago myself and three other coop students from the University of Victoria arrived in the Philippines for the beginning of what was to become a life-changing experience. As an Anthropology student I spent much of my 8 months amongst the Kalinga tribes people in the remote village of Tulgao.

One constant throughout my time there was the presence of my little Kalinga Guardian. Benny had a way of showing up just at the right time, with his huge smile and few English words, just to say hi, and his familiar presence helped me through some of the tough days when the world of my other life seemed so far away and unreal. I clearly remember times that we spent trying to navigate the narrow, slippery paths along the rice terraces at night. Always there was Benny, showing up to light our way with a torch of pitchy wood, which the villagers used to light their path or as fuel for cooking. There were also the numerous suitors who would show up after dark to serenade us with courting songs and stories, with Benny off to the side, ensuring we were always safe.

I am now sponsoring Benny to school. Knowing him personally makes sponsorship an even more rewarding experience, as I have met his family and seen the troubles he faces first-hand. I can attest that the children that are sponsored and their families blossom when given the possibility to escape from the seemingly hopeless future they face.

Jenny Griffin, IAT volunteer and child sponsor

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Sponsor a child

For less than $1.10 per day, you can touch the life and heart of a child.

Through IAT's sponsorship program hundreds of children have been able to realize their dreams and visions for a better life. Many have returned to their respective villages to serve as positive examples in uplifting the conditions of their communities. Our Foster Parent program has been a fantastic success thanks to our dedicated sponsors - some who have been with us for more than 24 years. Some have put several kids through schools and universities. IAT currently has more than 125 - orphans, or children from the poorest of families - on a waiting list seeking foster parents to make it possible for them to continue their schooling. Why not become involved?


This child (an alumni of IAT's Sponsorship program) is currently a Government Social Worker helping her people.