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Our Mission - To raise the awareness of youth concering global conditions and to support their efforts towards creating a peaceful pollution-free world with an adequate standard of living for all.
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IAT - Active in Canada, Philippines, Costa Rica with:
  • Child sponsorship programs
  • Youth Leadership Training
  • Environmental preservation and protection.

The International Association for Transformation, IAT, is a Canadian, non-profit organization with branches in the Philippines and Costa Rica with, Child Sponsorship, Environmental Stewardship, Community Development, Organic Agriculture, Reforestation Programs, Education, Youth Leadership Training, Environmental Protection and Preservation, Sustainable Community Development Programs.

IAT's Child Sponsorship Program has enabled hundreds of underprivileged children to progress through elementary, secondary and university education. Most program graduates have returned to their respective communities and are working to improve the conditions of their people.

One component of IAT's educational focus is upon helping indigenous people to establish Montessori-based day cares in remote villages in Kalinga Province - Philippines. Other components involve Life Skills and Leadership Training for elementary children and adolescents. Future plans will unfold holistic, alternative educational programs with gifted children as well as with the new Indigo and Crystal Children.

IAT's other major area of focus is upon Preservation and Protection of the Natural Environment. Initiatives have involved the creation of agro-forest nurseries, fruit and forest seedling dispersal, Biodynamic and Organic Gardening, reforestation, irrigation and farming projects. Other activities involve Alternative Technology through exploration of Wind and Solar energy and the promotion of holistic health and wellness.

IAT has forged strong links with Indigenous and First Nations peoples in Canada, the Philippines and in Costa Rica.

IAT is currently establishing an Eco-community and Global Youth Development and Training Centre for IAT-Costa Rica with future plans to develop similar models for IAT-Philippines and IAT-Canada.

A sustainability component of the vision involves establishing Eco-tours, Adventure tours, Cultural tours, and Volun-tours. Proceeds from these activities will go toward supporting IAT's various projects and programs.

Opportunities are provided for Canadian youth and school groups to visit and volunteer with the projects in the Philippines and Costa Rica.

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